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Two people steering the Castrol Rocket into position on a sandy plain



When Jack Marshall led off the first Isle of Man TT on a Triumph in 1907, he lit a flame that has burned bright inside every motorcycle rider ever since.

The unquenchable thirst to be the fastest, the first, the one who takes it to the limit, who breaks boundaries because they’re there to be broken… it’s somewhere in the DNA of every rider.



Jack Dale, clad in bathing trunks, on Bus Schaller's Thunderbird,

Then there are those who take it to the limit and beyond, for whom breaking the sound barrier, dismantling lap records and winning is everything. They are the bravest, who strive to find the ultimate union of man and machine, to go one better than before.

Image Source: Mortons Archive

Triumph Landspeed Infor Rocket

From Marshall at the treacherous first TT course to Buddy Elmore winning the most famous Daytona 200 from the back, through to Guy Martin strapped in a triple-rocket-powered streamliner designed to smash the Landspeed record, they are the pioneers.