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We are delighted to confirm that once again Triumph are the lead sponsor of the Distinguished Gentleman's Ride, our 7th landmark year of helping raise awareness and funds for prostate cancer research and men's mental health. With this year’s ‘Ride Solo Together’ event the DGR has never been more important.

George Clarke taking selfie at Distinguished gentlemans ride


The Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride creates themed rideouts across the Globe to raise awareness and funds for male charitable causes. Founder Mark Hawwa hit upon the inspiration for the 'dressing dapper' theme in 2012, when he saw a photo of Don Draper from TV show Mad Men sitting on a classic bike whilst wearing a suit. Triumph decided that the Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride captures everything to be celebrated about motorcycling, and has supported the event for a number of years, seeing DGR grow to a global event in the process.


Since its inception DGR has spread to more countries, cities and towns each year. In 2019, more than 100,000 distinguished gentlefolk took to their classic and vintage motorcycles for rideouts in over 650 cities across the globe.  This year it will look a little different as we ‘Ride Solo Together’, socially distanced but globally connected. Get on your bike either on your own or with a pillion, and ride through the heart of your city for men's health.

Man sitting on bike at distinguished gentlemans ride
Triumph rider ready to be involved with the Distinguished Gentlemen's Ride

How are Triumph involved?

Aside from supporting the ride through engaging with the global community of Triumph modern classic fans and riders, we are also donating several motorcycles globally for the DGR to reward fundraising efforts. Last year, a record breaking 100,000 distinguished gentlefolk in hundreds of cities worldwide donned their cravats, pressed their tweed, sat astride their motorcycles and raised $6million USD for men's health. This great achievement came in no small part thanks to our passionate fans and their incredible fundraising efforts.



This year we will once again have an official Triumph riding team. The 'Triumph DGR Riding Group' is for any Triumph modern classic rider to enter and the top five fundraisers in each of these teams will win a high-value clothing prize from Triumph.

There are several ways you can join the 'Triumph DGR Riding Group' and ‘Ride Solo Together’;

1. When people first register and go to their Ride Dashboard a main section on that page shows them the key links to join one of the Featured Teams.

2. In the main 'About DGR' drop down menu riders can select 'featured teams' which takes them to a section on the leading teams with a link to join.

3. When a rider is on their dashboard page they can choose to 'create/join a team' link, which takes them to a section where they can create their own team or search for one to join. 

ladies riding vintage triumph motorcycle


If you want to put on your Sunday best and take part in the next Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride, you can get more information or sign up to start fundraising by visiting the DGR Website.

stay up-to-date

Don’t worry if you can’t ride on the day. From Lahore to London and onto Los Angeles, you can get updates and images of Triumph riders taking part across globe via the official Triumph social media channels.